TIP #1


Everyone  starts at a different fitness level and some will see results sooner than others. Just keep on Activating!

TIP #2


To this point, some of you have just “kind of” wanted it AND then we have those Xtreme Teamers that REALLY want it. Believe me, if you are the latter, you will not be disappointed.

TIP #3


Here is the deal…BMAX is not easy, BUT, I have made it easier for you to achieve “AMAZING.” BMAX comes in 2 phases: 1. The learning phase and 2. The mastery phase. No one, I repeat NO ONE gets to the mastery phase without locking down phase 1. There is absolutely no timeline that I expect you to get through the learning phase, but it is critical that you focus on technique and range of motion, as these will be the foundation to accelerate your results. If you feel like you can’t keep up initially, then “press pause” on the video, until you are ready to continue. Take mid-set rests when you fatigue or simply stop and wait for the next exercise. REMEMBER #1 – TRUST THE PROCESS!

TIP #4


Many of you, especially early on, will not be able to coordinate every exercise and its movement patterns. NO PROBLEM! For now, simply do something that works. For instance, if you can’t do a particular push-up, such as the Corkscrew Push-up, then just hold a plank. If you can’t coordinate the movements of the Side Lunge Shuffle, then do Jumping Jacks. Do you get it?!

TIP #5


I wish I could personally workout LIVE with each one of you, but we all know that can’t happen. So, you have to become your own coach very quickly. I want you to NEVER forget this, because this is the truth – “I have NEVER done a BMAX workout that has been easy – EVER!” Each and every workout has been a drip and rip session from start to finish, where I am constantly praying for that “beep” at the end of every interval. The dumbbells that you choose are critical towards your results. I never want you to sacrifice technique or range of motion, BUT the dumbbells must be progressive and heavy enough to test your desire in the last 10 seconds of every exercise. Burn baby burn!

TIP #6


I highly suggest you select the option to be on an Activation Leader Team that is led by one of our amazing motivators and leaders. These Activation Leaders are BMAX pros that have started exactly where you are today. They are the epitome of “BMAX STRONG!” They have lived it, conquered the demons, and have achieved amazing body transformation. They know BMAX! You can be sure of one thing – you will not experience any emotion, setback or demon that those before you have not had to work their BMAX butt off to conquer and achieve. These leaders can be the difference makers.

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