Andy Berler


Andy Berler is the creator of the nationwide fitness phenomenon known as BMAX (Berler Maximum Activation Xtreme.)

Andy has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years. Having played competitive tennis throughout New England in high school, with his prowess he earned a tennis scholarship to Division 1, Jacksonville University. He then went on to serve as both Director of Tennis and Director of Fitness at Willowbend, one of the most notable clubs in the Northeast. And, since 2010 he has been working with and sharing his training secret with the New England Patriots Cheerleaders, among others.

His training secret: MAXIMUM ACTIVATION. BMAX involves quick workouts and amazing variety without using machines. BMAX works to “fire” as many muscle fibers in your body at one time to give your body the potential to burn calories and get rid of unwanted fat, while efficiently building lean muscle, up to 48 hours after your workout. In every session, BMAX de-livers the five critical health components of physical fitness. You will get your cardio, improve flexibility, build muscular strength and endurance, and achieve amazing body composition.

Join Andy and the rest of {Activation Nation}…it’s time to drip ‘n rip, so… “Prepare to Activate!”

Khamare Farrar

As BMAX embarks on its mission to Activate the world, its global operations are in the expert hands of Khamare Farrar.  A student of Eastern Florida State College, Khamare comes from a long history of All Star Cheer Teams. Farrar is also currently a New England Patriots Cheerleader and a Fitness Enthusiast.

Khamare joined Activation Nation in February of 2016 and, thanks to her talent, insight, and motivation, moved into a corporate role as Fitness Operations Manager.

A life-long cheerleader, Khamare has performed all over the country, but has finally settled in New England, where she will take the field at Gillette Stadium.

Khamare is excited about this new journey and feels like BMAX Activation Nation has become her second family.

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